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Dont forget my awesome reliability Will.....ROFL.

Anyway, seeing as this thread is going swimmingly i could probably ask a wee question on behalf of a work colleague.

Ok, matey bought a wee Astra VXR a couple of years ago, lively wee bus like.

He proceeded to spend a few upping the power considerably and what he thought, reliably. Everything was done right you know, not just a map etc....hybrid this and that...etc

However, this car has been a total heartache for him, think its more the Vauxhall connection rather than the work carried out and now he is done with it and wants rid.

I showed him a few vids of DX's brute running strips etc.....I am trying to push him 335d + map direction but wanted to see what your opinions are?

The VXR was pushing around 300 bhp and he wants the same kind of spirtited drive from whatever he gets.

So how would a 330d, 335i and 335d stack up against this?

Are these all properly reliable if a power hike via a map etc was done?

What would be the best bang per buck and finally, best compromise for power and economy?

I'd estimate his budget at around 10K