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Originally Posted by briers View Post
There is no point in getting a 300bhp + rwd car. 200bhp FWD hot hatches are actually quicker because of all the rain we get here in the UK.

If he's had enough of the VXR look no further than a type-r

Or failing that a scooby and mod it

Someone tell Pagani and tell them to scrap that new supercar and just make a hot hatch.

Why would he want a type-R (which is an exquisite drivers car by the way and not just the brunt of your amazing internet imagery)

So, right....because he spent some bucks tuning a car that was affordable, hes a reekin spide and should buy a "vtak yo"?

Not everyone is in the VERY priveledged position to spunk 30-40k on a first car chap so we make do!

For the record, this VXR looks totally "NEONZ", "shopping lists" or even "zorsts".

Originally Posted by 335diesel View Post
Enthusiast driver in "enjoying himself" shocker.

I know mate, kill me eh?

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