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Originally Posted by kaishang View Post
330d is a lazy and off-boost below 1700rpm. This makes for tricky driving on roundabouts if you happen to be at 1400rpm when entering the roundabout and suddenly have almost double the torque when you get to 1800rpm.....

Can't say it feels flat after 1700rpm though. The 335d has about 20% more power which, just going by tech specs, 10% is attributable to higher torque (520Nm vs 570Nm-ish) and 10% is higher revs (peak power 4000rpm vs 4400 or so).

The acceleration starts to get a bit slow at around 110mph and above 130mph you need a lot of road to accelerate. Obv this happened in Germany, not the UK....

I'm happy with a 330d, if I went up to a 5-series I think I'd want a 35d.

I think thats the main difference with the 335d, the top end. Over 100mph he 335d even in standard form is pretty relentless. Over 140 its still pulling. Does not stop untill 160+ Just a linear, very fast paced acceleration.

Ill never forget the first time I went off the clock, it just didnt stop going. I kept expecting the ''Surge'' the slow, it never did.
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