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Originally Posted by jinjur View Post
Sorry, but I had a read through and picked up on this, HOW did i miss this?


You make it sound like an unhinged SAVAGE WEAPON

yes. in red. and bold.

I know I am considered within the bowels of BMW ownership as I drive a lowly 320d (*GASP* a facking 4 banger) so i cannot be included in the above bollockery.

But i can confirm that i drive with my foot to the board, probably about 48% of the time. Obviously, this IS safe as I dont have 6 cylinders. Thank god.

All within the confines of our speed limits of course.

It's not unsafe but passengers complain if you use full throttle. You can't use full throttle from standing starts anyway, because DSC goes off even on dry pavement. Your acceleration is limited by tyre traction, not by engine power. You can switch DTC on or DSC off and use full throttle, but who does that for normal driving.

If you are already on the move, full thottle will have you going well above the speed limit within a few seconds.