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Originally Posted by jinjur View Post
Aww fug sake come on!

There are faster cars out there! I appreciate they are fast but they are no match for proper exotica.

Interesting point - my inlaws had a Ferrari 355 that I was insured on. Now they aren't that quick by todays standard but still pretty rapid.

Now to drive it really hard was almost impossible - very wide, tramlined like mad, hard to place accurately, pretty average all round visibility and a tendency to break down - a lot.

I honestly think that unless one was driven by a Ferrari test driver, a well driven 335d/335i could keep up. Easier to place, better balanced, no tramlining (once RFTs have been binned), etc and more torque.

It's why Clio's and similar are good giant slayers but IMO if you want a true ballistic back road missile, you are hard pushed to beat a sorted rally rep - the FQ360 I tested was much quicker than the 355 overall. Silly cornering speeds, good visibility, easy to place accurately, etc.

Supercars are great around tracks but on real roads, they are often a PITA.,

That's why if money was no object I wouldn't look at a Ferrari, Lambo, Pagani, etc - I'd head straight to my local Porker dealer and order a 911 Turbo S.