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Originally Posted by Ninjaneer View Post
Some beginner porter cable questions...
  • I currently use Zaino. Would you recommend using a PC to apply & buff off Zaino? Or should I stick to doing it manually? - The PC is designed to apply products only. I have yet to see a safe and effective way to remove with the Porter Cable, even with the available microfiber bonnets I've seen advertised from some vendors. The best way to remove product will always be a quality microfiber towel by hand. Also the PC will never reach EVERY piece of paint on your vehicle, so at some point you still would have to remove the rest by hand.
  • Clearcoat: how much usage of a PC + polish is too much? ie. how often should I be using this so that I don't mess up the clearcoat. Great question, when used correctly and taking into account you take the proper steps in investing in the proper washing and drying tools, products and techniques, you shouldn't have to polish much more than once or twice a year to remove imperfections. Picus, a resident E90Post professional detailer, has monitored how much clear was removed over the life of his previous G35 and concluded he could continue polishing at the rate he was for about 40 years and still have some clear coat remaining. Here is the thread I think you'd enjoy reading... Least aggressive method, specifically post #7
  • Recommended polish to start out with? FPII? PO106ff? Z-PC? Others?I think you would be quite pleased with any of the polishes you mentioned. Depending on the severity of the imperfections, I'd rank the swirl and imperfection removing power in this order (high to low): PO106ff -> FPII -> Z-PC
  • For a well cared for car, and considering the above questions (polish + sealant application), what pads would one need, other than the white that comes with the starter kit you mentioned? Black for removing haze too I guess. I don't think I have massive swirls, probably light marring, but I haven't done a thorough check.I'd recommend a white polishing pad, black finishing pad (those two for polishing so you have two levels of aggressiveness to tackle your imperfections) and a blue fine finishing pad for applying your sealants or liquid waxes.
  • Any other tips / suggestions? I don't think the IP/RMG tip would be useful to me since you said waxes bond over it better and I think Zaino, being a sealant, won't play well with it.A mix of IP/RMG wouldn't have any bonding issues with any product as you would completely remove the product prior to putting any protection over it. To ensure complete removal of the oils of RMG perform a final wipe down of water and isopropyl alcohol mixture (50/50). The bonding issues occur when you are using the RMG purely as a glaze that you intend on leaving on the paint to add additional layer of dimension in the paint.
Other than polishing I'd be interested in a PC if it would help cut down my Zaino time.

Thanks, and welcome to the forum!
I know this is a ton of information to digest, but it sounds like you have done some homework and are beginning to build a thorough understanding. I think the PC is a solid investment for anyone who is looking to save time, energy and achieve better results. After using it for years, I can't even imagine what it is like detailing by hand anymore.

If you have any other specific questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Originally Posted by zzinco79 View Post
I'm at Rochester, NY. which is in between Syracuse and Bufflo.

As long As I know, we have some good car wash place but no detaile shop around

Drive to Albany only takes me 3 hours maximum.
Are you looking for service work or interested in picking up products? Unfortunately, we currently do not offer a detailing service anymore. I can try to dig up some information for you on a local enthusiast or professional detailer closer to your area if you would like. Keep me posted.