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This is by far one of the most ruthless customers I have see. The fact that he lists he does not care about $200, trust me, he cares about $.50.

The story starts with this guy from order...

We shipped his item

Customs in his country holds his package, I E-MAIL him 3 times, asking over and over again, please go pick up your package from customs, after a week and 3 e-mails and his package being stuck in customs, it was returned to us. E-MAILS and E-MAILS of him claiming it is not his fault I went ahead and re shipped his item for another $42 out of my own pocket.

After 100s of threats from this guy in my e-mail box, I wish he was local so I could report him.

If anyone wants copies of the e-mails between us and this guy, please by all means, send us a PM, or a E-MAIL, I will be more then happy to send you guys e-mails about shipment, and re shipment.

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First of all, I would like to inform everyone in this forum that; this seller is a fraud. Although I sent him the money 2.5 months ago and played part on the transaction. Yet, he failed to ship the item and accused me of not going to customs to pick it up.
To clarify, every item i ordered which almost amont to hundreds of items, none of them were held at customs. Even if it is held at customs, the customs officials send a notification declaring I have a package.
On top of me not shipping the item, he is still says he shipped the item for the second time of which tracking number was not even provided even though i asked for many times.
$200 US is nothing to me, and I am not after it. However, I just wanted to inform all the future customers about how this seller is acting during the transaction period.
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