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Originally Posted by beemerbird View Post
I know the ones on here who drive 'properly'

Jinjur - don't worry luv. There are some quick hot hatches out there imo and it takes A LOT of power to actually seriously 'blow them off' convincingly depending on road conditions, whether straight line, twisties and driver capablilites.

But yes, you're right, unless you've owned or driven a super car it's hard to relate how much actual brute power is required to leave most cars with ease.
Whoop whoop, Yorkshire chick defends ulster shit box driver shocker!!


Cheers BB, i know......some people here are sucking fairy balls.

I'm not saying clios beat 335s in general. I'm just saying it DID and clarified the pish (but Clio optimised) conditions this am.

Some of the gentlepeople on here get a bit, know, fan boy which is understandable I suppose.

I have never been in a 335i or d for that matter so cannot comment on whether it is a giant slayer. I have been in a friends gtr and can HONESTLY see why that is.

In context though, the cliOs net worth is equal to that of a dead rats kidney so the fact that it actually moved forwards and stayed within 1 mile of mythical 335i is awesome. Even if the 335i had no driver and engine it would be awesome.