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yes....spelt with J's
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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
That did make me LOL
Why? It was less funny than crabs

Carlos, you are funny. Your posts make me lol raw sometimes but don't say something is funny when it's not just because he is whining the 335i noise.

To be quite honest, when someone says "whatevaaaaaa" I can only imagine purple and neon yellow shell suits and Nike air max. Quite often mixed with rude amounts of jewellery, immense hoop earrings if female.

The rest of the post was pish as formatting plagiarism is not cool.

If he had come back with a quip like "jinjur, you walk in the fashion of a Spanish waitress on heat" that could have potentially been more fun.

But he didn't.

Just agree that the Clio would be on you all down a twisty and we can end this all. It's easy.