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haa haa nice ads!

BTW even over in Singapore, not the car manufacturers themselves, but rather the car owners themselves have alot to say with regards to the different brands.

Ppl who move up from Japanese Makes to VW deem themselves as successful and into the Premium Category.

Moving up to Audi is seen as a trendy and successful individual.

Quite abit of the individuals in the above 2 makes seem to go bashing on makes like BMWs or Mercedes by comparing the performance or how they can smoke BMWs or Mercedes with their souped up VWs and Audis.

Audis and VWs are nice cars IMO and honestly I have seriously considered the latest A4 before. But the fanboys that go with these makes are seriously duh......

Of cos there are fanboys in BMW or Mercedes forums as well but just that much lesser compared to the other makes......

It should be more of a, I like this brand so I buy it kinda mentality. Not the I like this brand so I go bashing the other brands kinda attitude.....

I have been noticing such trends for sometimes although I do not have any firm numbers in black and white.

The best thing, over in local automotive forums, I RARELY see Porsches, Ferrari or Lambo forums bashing other makes.....

More self assured individuals I guess...

And Lastly, Yes, Im a BMW fanboy and Im the more self assured BMW owner I guess

But then cars is a bad and fairly inaccurate indicator of one's wealth isnt it? The important thing would be to have lotsa liquidity and valuable assets, not the car one drives aint it right?

Hmmm strange though......

Being contented and happy with your ride is the most important isnt it? Not what others see or think....

Ops guess I'm off topic...:P
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