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Originally Posted by klinkerklu View Post

:mad: [Also the goddamn ticking was present on the drive in this morning]:mad:
I would be pretty angry now. I would seriously begin looking at your states lemon law. How many miles are you at now on the car??

When I took my car in for the first ticking noise, my oil was low. I drove the car about 1000 miles from first hearing the noise until I took it in. I do not know what my oil level was at when first hearing the ticking sound, but I assume I was in the acceptable range.

If you have your oil low indicator on, I would certainly put a quart in today. The ticking sound we have, I have been told there is a very thin layer of oil between the metallic parts which is good, however if you have low oil, that thin layer may not be there and it could be metal on metal.