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Originally Posted by 1997gtx View Post
I would think oil changes are a HUGE money maker. Takes a shop no more than 10 minutes and they charge you upwards of $50 in my area. Not bad for 10 minutes of work.

Oil changes are a huge money maker on many fronts. First, it is a quick way to sell additional services "we recommend changing blinker fluid with every oil change. don't you want your blinkers to last a long time?"

Secondly, there is about a 100% markup on the product and a half hour of labor can be charged for paying a high school dropout for 10 minutes of work.

While each oil change might not bring in the big bucks it all adds up.

Modern cars generally don't have lubrication related issues because the manufacturers know what they are doing and oil has improved.

Most European dealers will refuse to change your oil early because of environmental concern and the fact that it is unnecessary