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Originally Posted by fratz View Post
Mercedes is advertising the sls, c-coupe, cls, slk...
audi the A8 against the S.
The BMW with the X3.
Well most of the people that will be watching probably wont know the ad wars so they just wont bother to think of audi the way we think so it will look good, mercedes will have great mouth watering add`s with their top notch cars. And bmw with the X3. A bit moderate dont you think
I agree that there should be no comparisons againts competitors in the ad..its cheap...but its business end of the day..smoe how it started...but when audi and merc are producing ads with the best cars in their fleet..why cant BMW use an M5, M3 or a Z4 or the 7 series...why an X3...I hate cant match the rival brands in anyway.. I am a BMW fanatic..but X3 simply looks ugly! BMW needs to rethink their ad strategy...