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Originally Posted by ENINTY View Post
So are you saying the car's on board condition based service (CBS) system indicates an oil service at 6,200 miles, or some service advisor told you that? car CBS told me to change about 8000km (4970) miles, which I did.

I go with what my car tells me or 10k, whichever comes first. But I had to get my oil changed at 4000km for an unrelated service issue, everything was reset then, and the CBS told be after 8000km.

And yes...I was ticked off at the computer saying I needed an oil change, as I felt that even 10k km was too short for a modern car. But driving conditions do someone tells me the CBS is drinking the "change the oil often as insurance" kool aid, I will follow it.

Then again, the longest I've kept a car is 2 if anyone was to ignore frequent oil changes it ought to be me...

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