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Yes I would like to get the WDS, your diagrams are better than on the bmw-planet.

I got my dye kit and the result is amazing, near the new leather look. Just the cleaning did 80% of the job.


I start the retrofit today. My goal was to install all the wiring and installing the seats in a few days. Finally, we have remove all the parts until the junction box and we haven't install anything. Removing the glovebox took too much time and we would have missed time to wire the wiring to the driver seat.

Also, we haven't been able to join the back of the fuse box because a few screws are very hard to remove. So, I have decided to connect the power on the pump on the same wire than the module like other peoples did. It is maybe safer like this.

Also, I can confirm that the K-CAN pin #10 and 46 are already used so I will soldier my wiring on it. Based on your last diagram, I understand that at least the moonroof is using it.

I hope I will install everything in 2 weeks..