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Originally Posted by MonacoBimm View Post
Ive had my car detailed twice and I bet they used abrasive products. There is nothing to worry about yet right?
I can't comfortably say there's nothing to worry about if you have had your vehicle buffed twice with a rotary from an inexperienced user. It only takes a couple of seconds to burn off a good amount of clear with a rotary buffer. I would hope that they would know not to go too aggressive on a newer vehicle, and I'd hope the guy has some skill using the buffer, but you never know.

Without performing any paint measurement readings, I can't give you an answer.

Originally Posted by 3352G0 View Post
My previous car was a brilliant black audi. I had it detailed 4 times over 3 years with a cut polish. Each time the car looked like new for a month or so then deteriorated rapidly. By the time the lease was up the car looked horrendous with regards to swirls and such. I had always wand washed the vehicle and air dried it so I never touched the paint myself.

My question is: With my new sapphire black 335 what should I be doing for a professional detailing routine with a compnay such as yours? Is a yearly cut polish necessary or any kind of power polish at all? Or are power polishes like crack? Does the car get addicted to it and require more to look good?
From the sounds of it, I can conclude a couple things (or any combination of them).

1) The detailer wasn't experienced and was using a buffer improperly.
2) He used a product, even if it was a cutting polish, that left behind fillers and masked the imperfections from you for a while.
3) You have to revisit your maintenance procedures as you may be adding swirls and imperfections from improper washing and drying techniques.

One a vehicle is prepped properly and you take all of the necessary preventative measures to ensure you minimize adding imperfections, you may not have to use a cutting polish again. I typically polish with a finishing polish once or twice a year to remove imperfections (usually Spring and Fall).

This is my typical routine throughout the year:

April - Complete detail - Wash / Dry -> Clay -> Cutting Polish *if needed* -> Finishing Polish -> Glaze -> Sealant -> Wax
May - Wash / Dry -> Wax
June - Wash / Dry -> Wax
July - Mini detail - Wash / Dry -> Assess for polishing -> Glaze -> Sealant -> Wax
August - Wash / Dry -> Wax
September - Wash / Dry -> Wax
October - Thorough detail - Wash / Dry -> Clay -> Cutting Polish *if needed* -> Finishing Polish *if needed but usually do because I'm so anal* -> Glaze -> Sealant -> Wax
November - Wash / Dry -> Wax
December - Wash / Dry -> Wax
January - Mini detail - Wash / Dry -> Assess for polishing -> Glaze -> Sealant -> Wax
February - Wash / Dry -> Wax
March - Wash / Dry -> Wax
April - Repeat Routine

I usually wash once every 2 weeks.

Would you like me to put together a complete package for you with the proper tools and equipment to follow a similar routine? What time commitment are you willing to give to detailing? Monthly? Seasonally? Twice a year? How often do you plan on washing? What are some of the most important factors for you... results, durability, ease of use, time saving, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you.