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Well to gain muscle you first need to eat a lot, gain weight, and expect to get some fat while doing it. It's called bulking. After the bulk phase you will go through the cut phase to lose the body fat and get the ripped look. I'm 18 also, 185-190 about 5'10". I work out 3 days a week, Monday Wednesday and Friday. I alternate between the days with a set A and set B workout. On set A I would usually do (5 reps 5 sets each) barbell bench press, squats, and dumbbell flys. I also do french presses/skull crushers and chinups. I would also include pull ups and push ups as a warm up for each day.
Now for set B I would start off again with the push up and pull ups, start the 5x5 routine again with shrugs, deadlifts, rows, and lateral raises.