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Smile n55 v5 Procede update

Hi guys,
Quick update from today's testing:

2011 135
15k miles
Provede v5 1-31 beta
Catless dp
Magnaflow cat-back
STOCK fmic
91oct Shell
Peak boost 14psi
5th Gear pulls

So as of a few days ago, we got around the fuel system limit that triggered a limp when trying to run more than 12psi above 5000rpm. Now we can basically run whatever the little turbo is willing to give me. In this case, it's a full 14psi up until 6000rpm. Above that, boost naturally falls off to 12psi. But without the fuel limitation, things became a lot more interesting. Especially at high RPM where the car makes considerably more power. Hopefully, we can make a solid 360whp when we install the FMIC. Because right now, datalogs show 120F intake temps at the top of 5th gear. Leaves a good deal of room for improvement.

On this dyno, my 135 put down 263whp/290lbft when it was stock. I'll have to dig up the file from the shop. Should have more info later this week.


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