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Like you I'm getting lean and cut. Lots of running and biking. is your friend..

When working out at the gym don't do random stuff work on two or three muscles groups and let them rest and the following day work on other muscles groups

Mon: Chest, Tri, Shoulder

Tue: Plyometrics or Intervel running (Max out, as many miles as possible)

Wed: Biceps & Back

Thurs: Yoga or 10km long distance Run

Fri: Legs & Back

Sat: Cycling, light jogs

Sun: Rest or Stretch


buying a road bike was one of the best decisions I made on a fitness level..
it's great cardio. i've owned mountain bikes but there's nothing like a road bike!
seriously go check out cycle city or any good bike store and get on a Specialized Allez Double
or anything under $800 to start off with.

Cycle City
1433 High Street
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 521-2872

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