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I used to be embarrassed by the way the diesel sounded. But after living with the car for a couple thousand miles, I am actually proud of how it sounds! Its very different. Unlike a gas engine, the diesel doesn't even like to be revved in neutral at an intersection to attact attention. The car really does grow on you. I drove a 6M 2008 M3 the other night. After jumping back in the diesel, it definitely still feels amazing.
Yeah the sound is not a bad one at all. especially when you're cruising along and it just hums down the road effortlessly. It does suck that you can't rev it up and be obnoxious but that's ok. I don't mind it at all.

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Just got finished painting my front K1s, and installed on the car.
Running the rear K1s also. Will try and see if I can measure any difference in the qtr mile.

I was quite surprised there is not much difference in weight between the rear M-Sport 18's and my 17" Kosei/NT05R setup. Only 7.8lbs lighter per wheel. I'm sure a big part of that is the run flat tires themselves.

I triple weighed each setup to insure accuracy in the results.

This diesel can use all the dieting help it can get. I could proceed to strip the entire interior and this thing would still weigh more than a stock 335i. Kind of funny how my goal on my 335i was to make it closer in weight to a stock 135i. And my goal in the diesel is to make it closer in weight to a stock 335i !

To Summarize:

51.0 lbs Stock Front Wheel
39.2 lbs 17 K1 with General Exclaim

11.8lbs x 2=23.6 lb front wheel difference

53.6 lbs Stock Rear Wheel
45.8 lbs 17 K1 with Nitto NT05R 275/40/17.

7.8 lbs x 2=15.6 lb rear wheels difference

39.2lbs Total difference between stock 18 RFT/Wheels and 17 K1 setup.

Also, as far as running a 16" drag setup...the calipers are pretty darn close to the wheel as it is with these 17" K1s. Well hope this info is helpful for those of you who were interested in the weight differences of the K1 setup vs Stock.
Those rims are hideous, no offense but I understand their purpose. I had weighed my rims and got close to your weight. (

the 195's are very heavy! but they look damn good! Rims definitely shed a lot of weight off the car. Unsprung weight plays a big roll in driving dynamics.

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Are you over inflating your results? Cause it seems that every car that you have is a super car. Many people have not been able to repeat your results.

I appreciate the time you take to record results and all, but you must be shooting steroids in the cars your drive.
You are the only person to have called BS on Hotrod yet. at least w/ the D that is. his stock times that he achieves are very reasonable. As per the tune, i can't testify for that but i do believe it.

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I have shot meth in my car before... but never
lols, propane soon?

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id trade/ sell now if it were a Coupe' and manual, even sooner!!

any yes it normal for Diesels to get their best MPGs over 20K veeeery long break in time

hell my lifted, big tired, 04 cummins 4x4 auto w/ 185k gets 21mpg
i cant even tell when i got 6k lbs. in the back either....
Yeah I'm rolling over 11k now and seeing better mileage. It's awesome!

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Anyone test the ESS d tune yet?
what's the specs on this tune?

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Quaife has the LSD application for the BMW diesels if anyone is interested.
More details please!, are we welded diff or bolted? how much $?