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Just Fitted Evolve Switch 335d

Just a quick update regarding the Evolve Switch I have just received and Fitted.

Easy, very easy. The little box is lovely. Well made, solid and rather dinky.

Really nice LCD readout as well. Time , care and attention has obviously been given here and it pays dividends.

It was a doddle to download my original map and send to Imran.

On a Saturday Morning, it was sent and I had the modified Evolve Map back with me by the afternoon.

Just as easy to upload the file to my 52,000 mile 335d which I have only had for a month.

Bear in mind I have no dyno figures on my car either before or after the remap, so all observations are purely on how it feels to me.

Time for a Test Drive, oooh its perky even pulling out the drive Wets lips in anticipation.

Ok here we go...DTC on as usual (dont want the brakes coming on too much) and away she goes.

Rapid is not the word! This isn't a diesel, nah cant be.

Very very smooth, much smoother than before the map. Gear changes in drive are totally 100% improved. The power is amazing.

Quite hard to describe the difference, but it is huge and significant.

Much greater care is required when booting, I need to be totally in a straight line before I dare give it full boot.

The traction control comes in even with medium acceleration. In fact the trick is pulling away fast with just enough pressure to make sure the light doesn't come on.

No idea on fuel yet, but I love it anyways.

Any Downsides?

Yeah, Much Much greater care required. Leadfoots need not apply. Gently does it!!

My brakes now feel not quite up to the job. My other car is a Porsche Carrera and the brakes are so much more powerful.

The 335d brakes felt ok before, but now I feel like some sort of an upgrade would be advisable.

But the power is immense. For every day driving this is quicker and easier than the Porsche. But it does highlight to me how sweet the Porsche steering and handlng is. The BMW doesn't match up here I'm afraid. But thats not really relevant to the Evolve Switch.

Cant think of anything else other than that using the switch method you dont get the benefits of a before and after dyno and the little charts. Would be nice, but all I know is my car feels a "little" different

Well done guys, and to anyone thinking of it I would highly recommend the switch, the map and Imran and the guys.

I have no connection other than reading this forum and that made me buy the Evolve Switch.

Cheers Guys.

These are my opinions and only mine. Comments Welcome.