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Originally Posted by FoShizzle View Post
I don't think you're understanding me. The car was returned to the dealer (BMW buyback) 2 hours after I painted it - never saw it again. (That was 6 months ago) I didn't bother to take a pic at the time, because I didn't have any need to. I honestly don't care if I sell this. I just figured it'd be useful for another forum member here. Anyone who knows about this product doesn't need pics. Anyone who hasn't heard of them before does research to see what others have to say about it.

Did a Google search...
"I got my touch up paint kit and I've been very satisfied with it."

"Excellent color matching"
"Wow, it looks exactly right. I'm really impressed."
"results where exceptional."
"the color match is good and the can sprays very smooth no runs."

"excellent experience with them - practically invisible even with my un-subtle handiwork."
"used their stuff to paint my reflectors on my 01 m3 amongst other things. perfect color match."
"Bottom line is that I will use them again if I need more."

I don't know about you, but that was good enough for me before I bought it.
yeah, it doesn't appear you mentioned anything about having returned the car until this point.