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I have the same thing, sounds like it's coming from under the DVD drive/under the ashtray, that general area. It comes and goes, I have a couple of small rattles like the others got (sensitive ears) but they are really not that annoying, just little clicks here and there and you can only hear it when the stereo is turned off and windows rolled up. This one, however, is VERY annoying, it sometimes goes away in minutes but sometimes stays for HOURS, and it's quite loud when it's present.

I told the dealership about it when I took my car in for software update last time, they said it was coming from the shifter area and they fixed it, but nothing was changed really god knows what they actually fixed. Not gonna be bothering with the dealer again until someone has a definite explanation on what's causing it, but I'll be trying to find it tonight by myself. If onlly it was a little rattle like the other ones ........ but it's way too damn loud.