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Great explanation by both by the way. i just wish i would of seen it earlier. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

my problem.... i own a 2006 330i and i was replacing the oil on the car which is simple but became very difficult. I noticed it came with a rubber ring and a copper ring for the oil filter. I replaced all the parts on the oil filter but the problem im having is i didnt find the copper ring anywhere so i figured it would go inside on the oil cap shaft. My problem now is that the car swallowed the coppper ring. HELP!! how do i get it out? its killing my car. i cant drive it down the road without it jumping in the rpms, skipping gears, jumping to redline, losing pressure power. i have offically messed up my car and i believe its the coppper ring loose somewhere in my oil line. any suggestions??
WOW. Do not even start your car.

I'd say, drain the oil. Remove the filter and look for the crush washer. Remove the oil filter assembly and look for the washer. If you have access to a good borescope, use that to search the engine internally through all openings. It is possible it is just preventing proper flow not much farther from where you put it that even make sense that that goes in there is beyond me...but whatever. Anyway, if it's just plugging the flow up, it may still be in one piece and you may be able to fish it out.

Then again, pay someone else to do it. Just do not start the motor.