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Here are some steps for the install:

1) Start off by seeing if you have Bluetooth wiring in your trunk. Remove the trunk liner (easily snaps off and look for the cables as per the picture below.
Picture of trunk wiring:

If you have the wiring as the picture shows above then you probably can proceed to next step. Remember I will explain installing the TCU not the MULF so please don't confuse it with that. Also my installation did not include the install of the FZD with SOS button as I don’t want to subscribe for the service. Addition of the FZD is possible but will add additional cost to the project.
First thing you will need to do is download the instructions from BMW:

The parts you will need:
65 15 6 927 700 Bracket for Telematics Control x 1
84 50 6 928 461 Bluetooth Antenna x 1
84 31 6 938 762 Hands Free Telephone Microphone x 1
07 11 9 904 019 Hex Nut x 4 – This is a standard M5-8 Hex nut
84109171590 TCU Module - BMW Part # – ** Use this # in it will bring up a list of other TCU part #'s that are newer/older. I believe both CDMA and GSM versions might work but to be on the safe side look for a GSM unit. The newer version the better. I installed a TCU from a salvage 2010 550i and part # was listed on Realoem.
Find a used part or search the salvage yards or buy new online

Follow instruction from 1-21 skip part 22 and continue from 23-28 with your existing FZD.
Picture of TCU installed with bracket:

To access the MOST connectors if you dont have fold down seats you need to remove your backseats. Use this thread to remove the backseats (Found from another thread)*
If you have fold down seats. Fold both seats down and remove the drivers side back side rest.

I have attached a pic from the 2 connectors seperated. The top connector is the spare most connector and the bottom the in-use cables. From the BMW instructions in Step 12 it says to remove 1 and 2 from upper block *** Caution these might not be the cable set from your most connector. To verify you are pulling correct set flash a light into the most connector in the trunk and see if the cables you removed light up. If they dont put back and try the other set as you may have more then one set. I had 2 sets and my wires were in position 1. Once you find the wires for your bluetooth from the top block its time to connect them to the bottom block. Again. In the instructions its says to move to position 2 as it assumes 1 set of wires. I had 3 sets of wires so I moved [Input 3-->4 and inserted input from upper block into 3 on lower block. Inserted Output from upper block into output 4 on lower block]

You basically want a completed loop. If you connect the loop and start your car and your cd-changer/sirius does not give any error message then you hooked it up in the loop correctly. Otherwise go back and try again.

Use this link for more on most loop:

To remove the FZD and install the microphone remove the 2 sunvisors to the side and remove the inner clips that hold them on the inner side. This will allow you to put your hand in the headliner and push the FZD down. Do not try to remove as per BMW instructions it will not pop out. You need to go in from where the windshield and headliner meet. There are 2 metal clips in the front position of the FZD that hold it in place push those in and FZD will drop

You will see 2 mic spots. The empty slot had a dummy mic with the connector on it.

I have not included pictures of the bluetooth antenna install as I did not complete (Waiting for part). Bluetooth still works without it but your phone will need to be close to TCU.

Once all the hardware is installed and your connections are good the only error you will get is a SOS malfunction in your dash. At this point you need to get your car coded and this is where Dimsum did his magic . You will not see the bluetooth menu until you get it programmed. I have read that some people did not need programming and if this is the case for you great.

If you go to dealer for programming they probably wont be able to do it without FZD installation, so use Dimsum or someone else that can code the Bluetooth option in your VO.

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