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Now to ask my fellow E90 Members, what should i do next! I want the Mtech Body Kit, With Front Spliters, the Rear CSL Trunk, With some 19x10 or 20x10 in the front and 19x11 or 20x11 in the rear! Any recomendations? Im Still reading this forum and will get back to all with details soon as i know where im going with this development!
I would not recommend this if you didn't buy the car; buy an aftermarket exhaust. It really brings alive an engine that is too tamed stock on 323/325/328. Mine feels great and the engine note would not be out of place in a M3, nothing less!

If you have as many potholes like in Quebec, don't go over 18" (17" in winters). My experience was terrible with my 1st set of 18" tires, now ok with the 2nd, but borderline.

To me, lowering the suspension seems much better way for the car to have a better stance than body kits.