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ya thanks everyone ya its been a really interesting experiance.. what i posted was a portion of the 3 1/2 page letter i wrote to bmw and emailed some of the higer ups there too.

i am waiting to hear if they are whilling to do anything about it, so far i emailed them sunday night and only heard back from the automatic respoce team lol.

ya i checked out a lawyer and im not sure if that would do much good since the lemon law needs to have 3 of the same issue..

HONESTLY.... i am really worried about my engine, i talked to my mechanic and he said he wont know what the hell is going on specificly and how much of the engine got ruined... i drove the car while the car was having all these issues not knowing what they were and if the car has had this issue for several year i dont know how that has effected the long term life span of my engine.

i bought the car cash on the day of deleivery so i am very invested in the car and would like to keep it.. but if the engine is trashed then i am going to have an intersting time trying to figure out what im going to do next..

btw it costs $1200 just for the tech to open up the top part of the engine and figure out which and how many parts are broken in there... after that the bill just get higher