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Originally Posted by GStar1 View Post
Good idea

On the other hand, I am positive that Crevier diagnosed the simple repairs such as the fuel injectors being dirty as a precautionary diagnosis before they deemed the eccentric shafts the problem..... Just to get the normal causes of why the car runs bad sometimes. Usual clients don't use premium fuel "all the time" and that can cause carbon build up quickly and can make the car run pretty bad. So with that being said, how many times have you taken the car there to be diagnosed?
the reason i went to crevier was because the owner/mechanic at the shop that i took it too recently had spoken to one of the tech at crevier before i took it them to talk about the part and if they had ever seen this item break before and if they had any experience/ knowledge warranty or recall information. so i thought that by taking it there they would have a better understanding of how to help me. but my car has been there 2 times

the reason i was upset at crevier was because of the following

1. They had the car for 3 days to tell me that it was the MAF sensor that was broken. They told me they put a new maf sensor on and the car started fine.
then they call me back after i got on their case and came back saying "ohh, well its not the maf sensor..." it wasnt the MAF because the car at the time would start up fine after the engine was warm. now it wont.

2. They call me back and say oh you have to clean your fuel injectors because that will cause the car not to start. Now if they said "oh your injectors are dirty" that would be different but they were making assumptions and trying to get me to shell out money for them to put fuel injector cleaner in my gas tank and charge me almost $300 for a MAYBE (because you are too lazy to actually know how to diagnose a car that doesnt show any compute faults, errors or any other malfunction yet it wont start and i just bought a brand new OEM battery...
-now ya maybe but from the couple engineers that i have spoken to about that they all said the car was too new and had two little miles and i have been the only driver and only put chevron 91 in the car.

3. I told them when i brought it in i had it diagnosed prior to bringing it in. i did not tell them what the issue was because i wanted them to actually work and maybe see if they could do any thing more, well they had it for a week and they didnt get it right until i told them what part of the engine the shop had found the issue in.

4. not to bash more but i spent $400 there and over a week with out my car and had the SA try to convince me that a fuel injection cleaning system and a new MAF sensor would solve the problem to get the car re-diagnosed and they didnt even bother washing my car

there is more but i cant go on an on

i had taken it to sterling bmw gosh at least i had mentioned it 2-4 or more times about that noise when i would take it in regularly for its maintenance

I know all of this might sound like im ranting and really its just unfortunate for all of us. It bad for me that ive been told my not only 2 dealership im wrong but also BMWNA who told me i was wrong too

This is where i look at how much it must suck for the engineers at BMW to work so hard to make these car but they are on the sidelines while the reps, and the SA, and sales assist. and customer service are the ones who are in direct contact with the customer and make someone who bought the car for many specific reason one of which was i thought was when you buy quality you receive better service... well so far im not impressed

its like going to a doctor and saying "hey i have a weird lump on my body can you check it out" and saying oh that just from the burger you at last week but really its cancer and you wait and then you get sick and... well you guys get the picture

really im just letting everyone know, this was such a rare unique problem and i don't know if anyone or if it was just me will have this problem but for future use