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The pro of this install is the BMW assist.

Is it possible to activate it if you code the car yourself?

The VIN must be added to the vehicles with the BMW Assist database. To add the VIN to the
database, contact the Telematics Analyst at (201) 307-3707 during regular business hours (8:30
AM to 4:30 PM EST). It will take one to two business days to have the VIN added to the database.
The Telematics Analyst will need the following information:
• Electronic Serial Number (ESN) of the TCU that was installed in the vehicle.
32. Once the VIN is added to the database, the customer must complete a valid, active subscriber
agreement with the BMW Assist Response Center through the enrollment application on DCSnet,
located at Sales | BMW Assist | Electronic Subscriber Agreement.
33. Initialize BMW Assist services. Refer to SI B84 15 03 (BMW Assist™ Initialization).
34. Test the BMW Assist™ service for proper operation by placing a test call (press the Roadside
Assistance "Wrench" button). Make sure that the BMW Assist Response Center has received the
correct MIN/MDN, VIN and location of the vehicle. Have the representative update his or her
records as needed.