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We carry some of the mentioned products like Klasse and P21s as well as Menzerna, Poorboy's World, Clear Kote, Pinnacle Souveran, Lake Country, Porter Cable, Clay Magic and a couple of other brands for exterior care. I'd be happy to put together a complete package that fits your detailing needs. Let me know what your goals and objectives are, time commitment and how often you plan on maintaining your vehicle and I will give you my best recommendation.

Hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to PM me or post for others to view.

Sorry, I haven't figured out to quote selected areas...

I have asked a lot of questions on the board already but I have to ask if you can put together a recommended package for me. I receive my Sparkling Graphite 2007 335XI in a few days. I have made contact per Picus recommendation and told the dealer not to touch the vehicle unless I am there. I have followed Picus's advice and ordered some stuff but would like to see what you could offer me at your store that would work for me in conjunction with my goals for this car. I currently live in Madrid where the summer temps average over 100+ through the entire summer. I will park the vehicle in an underground parking garage but the temp will be high on the few days I drive to work. My goal is to have the vehicle look like it is brand new for years to come. I will never show the car but I want it to look immaculate. My family moved back to the US for a year so I will have a lot of time to dedicate to this car. I don't want to buy an orbital buffer here, due to cost and incompatibility issues when I return to the US. If I can get a good price on a package deal, I would probably be willing to buy another set of detailing gear from your site just to have some options. I have, as Picus recommended, bought the grit guard, Meguiars car wash, some sheepskin mitts, Aerospace 303, Jeffs Werkstadt prime and Jett acrylic trigger, zaino Z9/10 and some quick detailer but I can't remember the brand. I bought some towels but I don't think they were the right ones. I would like to join the others by saying welcome and I am very glad to have a vendor/expert here willing to provide assistance not only on performing the detailing but also on buying. One last question, do you ship to APO/FPO (USG) addresses? Thanks

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