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Originally Posted by clairvoyant View Post
Those "particular" civil servants need to get off their high horses soon because easy money won't last forever (rationalizations, budget cuts, the raise on the retirement age, etc, etc).
They will get pissed about things that are threatening their social and financial establishments.
What I heard from many friends in the states, Panny = $$$$ TCO (when warranties expire).
Have you seen/test-driven a Jaguar XFR ?
Meh, we weren't going for power, so I looked at the Jaguar XJ? the new one, that looks sleek. It looks kinda cool, interior is to die for...but its rear wheel drive, and still a Jaguar...good cruiser, just something not right about it. Its still a Jaguar. Other problem was no all-wheel drive.

Porsche is still Porsche. Trust me tho, this panny gets driven most of the time 10% below the speed limit

Panny is an amazing car, plenty good for the city and easy on gas too; but hard to tell how it is out of warranty, either way one expects to pony up with a performance car/Porsche...thats ok, its worth it.

The others cars that impressed were the S-class and Lexus LS (aka. S-class anonymous :P), the 7 was pretty bad! With cars like these including our 335' to buy them and then run them into the ground, we always have with all our cars.

Just let go of a 1991 honda accord not too long ago...amazing car, they don't make 'em that light anymore.