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Normally an EGR delete doesnīt do much for power, but it might give you abit better fuelconsumption since your not burning spend exhaustgases but only clean air.

The problem is that most modern EGRīs have a "cut out" that stops exhaustgas from entering the intake when you have full throttle to increase power. On older gasoline engines this easy to control, since it was vacuum controlled. Low pressure inside the intake increased the spent gas use (EG. coasting would burrn more exhaust gases).

The pros are better fuel milage and maybe midrange torque.
The cons: Illegal to mess with this stuff in most countries. Your car will fail inspection if they do an exhaust gas check. No "real" cons on the mechanical side.

I did a EGR delete on my old E46 -02 320d and drove it for 100.000Kīs with no issue. Same setup as this. Iīm thinking about it on my e91, i just want the new car garantee to run out before i mess with anything.
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