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Originally Posted by Railgun View Post
Definitely not. Not for gaming. You'd want the most resolution you can get provided your card is up to the task. It's all about eye candy really. I can't stand that all these manufacturers are all on this 1080 bandwagon. I want as much resolution as possible. Only for movies does this matter and you're going to end up with bars anyway so...

That or DVI is fine. HDMI will end up in more monitors as time goes and many new cards have this interface now. They just need to standardize a damn interface already. I don't care about the tech behind it, just keep the form factor the same.
hmm so why is DVI/mini-dvi better than vga now? Ive always had crystal clear picture from VGA. Ive also had problems with HDMI from computer to monitor/tv so ive always stayed away from that.

I built my i7 computer set up about a year ago and damn things change. Wish I kept up with it.