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Originally Posted by The Whale View Post
Honestly all of the people talking about "lifting" in this thread should check out this site - Crossfit kicks ass and takes names.... I used to do the splits and heavy lifting days - and this just puts all other workouts to shame. Best shape of my life - bar none.

Follow the mainsite workouts for a month and see how you feel. Then compare your times once you've finished to the times posted by the other athletes.... it's a good time and good fun.
so what is this like a P90x program type of thing?

I did read some... this seemed to be helpful to look at.
What Foods Should I Avoid?
Excessive consumption of high-glycemic carbohydrates is the primary culprit in nutritionally caused health problems. High glycemic carbohydrates are those that raise blood sugar too rapidly. They include rice, bread, candy, potato, sweets, sodas, and most processed carbohydrates. Processing can include bleaching, baking, grinding, and refining. Processing of carbohydrates greatly increases their glycemic index, a measure of their propensity to elevate blood sugar.

What is the Problem with High-Glycemic Carbohydrates?
The problem with high-glycemic carbohydrates is that they give an inordinate insulin response. Insulin is an essential hormone for life, yet acute, chronic elevation of insulin leads to hyperinsulinism, which has been positively linked to obesity, elevated cholesterol levels, blood pressure, mood dysfunction and a Pandora's box of disease and disability. Research "hyperinsulinism" on the Internet. There's a gold mine of information pertinent to your health available there. The CrossFit prescription is a low-glycemic diet and consequently severely blunts the insulin response.