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Originally Posted by J BONE View Post
I see what you are saying but if you really want to build lean muscle mass, it is hard to get that amount of protein in food. Unless you want to consume 4-6 chicken breast everyday. People think supplements are a waste of money but if you truely want to build a solid foundation, they are necessary. I don't advise people to only use them but they do provide an easy way to throw down 30g of protein and essential aminos
I hear you there- I wouldn't say that they're necessary for building a solid foundation however they do help you if you a) aren't as solid/knowledgable in building your food intake correctly and b) need additional protein. Personally I prefer (by a longshot) eating 4-6 chicken breasts, lean beef, etc a day rather than a watery powdery protein shake. Tastes better and feels better to me - that's just me though.

On a separate note, go for 1-1.5g protein for every lb of lean body mass you have for a good ability to gain muscle in FAST. I'm up 15lbs lean muscle in the last 6 months with no supplements. I also have a friend who in a period of 4 weeks put on 8.7lbs of lean body mass by eating 400+g of protein every day for the entire time. Clean eating+volume and strong programming in your workouts WILL PAY OFF! (but eating 400g of protein a day even with protein shakes is hard as balls to do.... that's the real work).

If any of you are looking purely for strength and not athleticism (Crossfit is more about creating elite fitness) I would look into a google search on "GOMAD" (Gallon Of Milk A Day) and "Starting Strength" with paleo diet modified slightly. You'll see amazing gains in lifts (OLY lifts included which are arguably the most important).
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