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Originally Posted by yakev724 View Post
Shifting in D would be very nice, but not my main point. As per the DIY, some were able to get it to shift directly out of D with wiring alone (I'm not one of them unfortunately).

On most cars, I understand there are already 2 wires in place (the 2 yellow wires on the opposite side of clock spring) for which the only purpose as I see it is paddles. With the proper code, these should work with the paddles right away, eliminating the need for running wires to the shifter.

EDIT: Permanent golf tee mod also possible
...I'm sure once I get my cable I'll be experimenting for a while, very happy that this thread exists, it will hopefully save me quite a bit of money resolving this #@$% steering lock I'm fed up with...
Now I know what you're talking about. Yes, my car has the wires in the right place as well, and yes, I agree, it does make sense that they should be for paddles - since those are the ones you're supposed to tap into to make it work directly anyway.

Is it possible adding ZSP (sport package) to the car's VO will enable paddle shift?