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Help a brother out Very Confused

I have managed to confuse myself to no end about wheels and tires. I am getting ready to buy a 08's 328i CPO car with the 17" staggered style 161 sport wheels and brand new Bridgestone Potenza summer run flats. I will be picking this car up from out of state and will need to drive 300 miles back to Chicago. I am working with the dealer and they will mount either new tires on the existing wheels or a wheel and tire package I ship them. I am leaning towards buying wheels and tires due to the fact i drive around 20k miles a year and would like to be able to rotate the tires. I do know that the car does not have a spare so i will be getting the M Mobility pack for the trunk just in case. so I am leaning towards a set on 17's to get me trough the winter and maybe throw the summer setup on the car when it gets nicer. I started looking at Beyern wheels and really like the mesh style in 17x8 with 225/45/17 Conti DSW mounted on them. I am unsure of proper offset and what bore to go with. I believe using et40 all the way around with the 72 bore would allow for direct fitment. I am also looking at the TSW wheels but they do not list the bore spec. The TSW wheels are et35. Will wheel spacer be needed for any of these setups. I ran across a post here that said the rear 17x8.5 style 161 were really et 25 with a 12mm spacer is this true? I have found felgen katalog and it lists the fronts as 17x8 et 34 and the rears 17x8.5 et37. sorry long winded and thanks to anyone that can help