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As you haven't been going for very long you will fell like nothing is happening but don't forget you see yourself everyday you just wait until someone you don't see too often see's you and remarks on your fitness without you even saying anything that will make you feel good.

As the others have said though you need to keep at it eat LOADS and try a good creatine you will see a massive difference.

I'm 19 weight 12.3 stone with little fat i started 2 years ago when i was weighing 10 stone bang on. Now i have been taking a lot of time out I'm looking to get back into it for the summer time.
I find if you train with some of your close mates or even just the one mate things are much more fun and give a little friendly competition for you both. You will also find if you do take any time out once you hit the gym again your muscle memory kicks in and you gain it back a hell lot quicker then it ever took before.