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Should I trust the service?

My car went in Monday morning for a service and software update so it stayed in overnight. This evening I went to pick it up.

They were very hectic and looked understaffed.

After 20 mins was told that since the software update the battery warning could not be switched off and they needed to keep the car to do further checks as there now appears to be an issue with the battery.

Next I am told that the gear box needed replacing (37K miles) and was left standing to ponder the costs that could be involved. When i finally got wind back in my sail i told them about my extended warranty insurance. Very quickly after that I was told that it was a misunderstanding and only a fluid plug needed replacing on the gear box and that could be ordered and ready the next day.

call me paranoid... should I be worried at all or put it down to their miscommunication? I never saw a work sheet (job card) for the car.