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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
yeah i hear ya... gonna be tough on both accounts (losing performance and not eating for pleasure.

Guess I'll give it 3-4 weeks of everything w/o ditching the cereal or dairy in moderation, and see what happens.
To be clear the performance will increase and surpass carb based energy once your body adjusts.

I tried to think about it less- think of food as fuel and just blindly follow. Once results begin to make themselves apparent you won't be able to stop yourself! Whatever path you chose good luck - fitness regardless of whether it agrees with my views is better than being out of shape!

Originally Posted by mylydiamy View Post
I think many people focus too much on how much weight they can lift instead of focusing on getting in shape. I see a lot people bench pressing 350+ lbs but look completely out of shape (big belly). Also most of those who list heavy weight can not do pull ups more than 10. I am 5-11, 180 and 42 years old. I use ~200 lbs for bench press which is not a lot but can easily do 25 pull ups, or 70 push ups once warm up.

I guess people have different goals.
This is what crossfit stresses- fitness and athleticism in a broad range of activities. Crosssfitters HATE bicep curls (aka bro-cep curls) because they aren't functional. If I were you I'd look into crossfit - your goals mesh well with what crossfit preaches just FYI
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