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Originally Posted by Peter@VMRWheels View Post
Well it sure does look like the upper mount is too big to fit in the hole

Is that "hole" a removable part? Not sure if its actually the rubber piece or not. Maybe you can pull that part off and try the installation again. Or, try to flip the spring assembly upside down.

I haven't seen or installed BC coilovers in person but I'm familiar with the companies that handle the manufacturing. If you can't pull that piece off, that means someone over there messed up in terms of measuring that lower perch and made it too big. But thats highly unlikely unless you are their #1 (meaning, first) customer. Sometimes the car changes around so much that even though the chassis is the same, there are small adjustments causing hardware incompatibility.

I'm also curious as to why the springs are coiled so close together... doesnt look like it will do anything functional if they are already fully compressed

The are where I would think the perch would sit does not come off. It is part of the body/frame.

I called BC racing and the sales person was the only one available. He did give it a good try and after some pics emailed we kind of gave up. Will talk to the tech guy in the AM.