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Originally Posted by WOPALX View Post
A woman gets home from the office late one evening, she's feeling horny so decides to wake her husband up by giving him a blowjob, she sneaks into the bedroom, quickly undresses and crawls up into the bed from the bottom, she gently pushes his legs apart, slides back his foreskin and starts sucking his brains out.

After just a few seconds his legs start to quiver and she sticks her middle finger up his arse which makes him shoot his load. She swallows the lot and then goes into the bathroom to clean up as she's never seen so much jizz before.

As she enters the bathroom she finds her husband on the toilet having a $#@!, she screams at him "WHAT THE $#@! ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?" "Ssssshhhh" says her husband "You'll wake your dad up!" * **
too far lol