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so its a mailmans last day... he hand delivering the mail to all the houses, at the last house a very pretty woman answers the door, and invites him in for a drink, after the drink she askes him if he would like a sandwich, he thinks for a minute and says
"what the heck, this is my last stop ever"
so the woman makes a sandwich, the mailman very politly thanks the woman when he is done and starts to leave... the woman says
"would you like to go upstairs to end your long career as a mailman"
of course the mailman, being a guys agrees that this would be a very fitting end to his career, so he goes and has sex with the beautiful woman
when they ended he thanks her for the fun time and steps out the door... the woman yells after him
and hands him a dollar
at this point he gets kind of curious
"okay" he says
"i can understand the drink, and the sandwich..."
"...and while i was taken aback by the sex, i can still understand"
"but why on earth are you giving me a dollar"
the woman responds...
"When i asked my husband how i should show my appretiation for all those years of bring us the mail he said 'fuck him... give him a dollar!'"