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Originally Posted by Mflip335 View Post
Are the V3s considered replacement/resolution for the V2s with the recall issue? I'm just concerned the the issue may arise again with the V3s.
No - there was one specific reason for the power supply issues in the V2 power supplies, and those have been addresses and fixed in this newer version of the power supply.

Originally Posted by Eclipsis View Post
Marc, at 6500, do the bulbs have a slight green hue? Any chance of getting a set of bulbs in ice blue?
No these will not have any hint of green or even red. Below is a picture of whats called the CIE 1931 color space. LED's are placed somewhere in this color space, and you will notice a line going through the white area. The LED's i choose are directly on this line so they are a pure white without any hint of green or red. The farther down the line you go the closer to Blue it gets. The LED's i've chosen for these are rated at a 6500K and are right on the black body curve, so they will not have hues of any other color

Originally Posted by 1QuikWS6 View Post
A note about Flickering:

Depending on the model and year build of your car, LED Angel eyes may may flicker when first starting the car. This is due to the CANBUS system BMW uses to check exterior bulbs for shorts or blown bulbs. The car is only sending pulses of power to make sure bulbs are in tack, and with LED angel eyes this causes flickering for up to 30 seconds after startup

One suggestion is to leave the lights on the AUTO setting, and this may stop flickering upon start up.


In your experience with test cars, is the flickering an issue on 2009 E92's?

Lights are always in Auto Setting...
It might be best if other users chime in on this one. I have only been able to test out on 1 2009 E92 so i wouldn't have the best answer for you.