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Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
Thanks! I edited my original post. But this technique is brilliant, as many, no doubt including me, would use the allen key to remove the stud, which it isn't designed for.

So, if this technique is used by all either for removing or installing, allen key or hex head becomes unimportant??
In my experience, an allen key or hex head makes installation 10X easier. And if you're installing sans thread-lock like RacingBrake calls for for their studs, you WILL need to be able to apply significant amount of torque on the studs when installing.

Obviously you can always double nut. It's not hard to do, but you sort of need to know how to do it right, or at least watch someone do it once who knows how to do it right to do it right. Allen key and hex head takes all that out of the equation.

To me, the key features are still the tensile strength of the studs and the finish on the studs. Allen key or hex head is a nice feature to have. Bulleted thread is a nice feature to have. If the studs you're looking for meets the tensile strength and the finish criteria, and are priced competitively, I'd go to the next two features and use that as the deal breaker.
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