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Originally Posted by dsbj View Post
So with allen-ends, do you use them at all for initial installation or is it still recommended to use the double-nut method?

Also, am I correct in thinking you install the studs dry, torque to 40-50ft/lbs then still use the standard 88ft/lbs on the nuts?
For installation, follow the manufacturer's recommendation. If manufacturer of the studs calls for dry installation up to XX ft-lbs, follow it. If manufacturer asks for double nut and loc-tite, follow that.

But be sure you get the RIGHT loc-tite. There are multiple grades of "red" and "blue" and they all have different properties. For example, the 262 commonly found at autozone or pepboys are not "permanent." They're high heat, high strength and provide and approximately ~40-50 ft-lbs of break-away torque without the actual stretching of the fastener to achieve that torque. Clarify with the manufacturer which specification thread fasteners they recommend.
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