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Originally Posted by fbazakos View Post
any of you guys really awesome with procede stuff? i have it in my car but am not up to speed on this v5 stuff. i'd be willing to buy beer for whoever can help me get it updated to the latest & greatest.
I think I can help with that. V5 has a lot of good stuff to offer.

Do you plan on wanting to keep updating to the latest and greatest on likely a monthly basis? Or would you like to update to the current goodies and extra power now and call it good for a while?

In short, there latest public V5 release is the 12-17 update. You could update to that and have all the good stuff V5 has to offer (naturally aspirated map, progressive meth map, autotuning, traction assist, launch control, etc.etc.etc. But, the latest stuff that's in the works is amazing. Significantly more power in the low-end and off-boost range, near perfect AFRs during all throttle transitions, dynamic ignition correction to help with the throttle transitions. The V4 was seemingly perfect before, and now this new stuff is shockingly good. I'm sure you know and feel that the PRocede V4 is amazing with power, smoothness, consistency, and an all-around great tune. These updates and new features simply make everything better; so you'll be pleasantly surprised. A few others and I have been testing the new DIC maps the past couple days, and it should be ready for a larger beta release later this week, and possibly going public in a couple weeks.

So, if you feel like updating now, you'll have fun with more power and you can update again in a month when all the new stuff comes out of beta. Or, if you wanna just wait til the newest stuff comes out of beta you can do that too. It literally takes 45 seconds to update the firmware and maps...extremely easy. You can do it with your laptop or I can bring my laptop over to do it.

That's a little overview of it, I'd be happy to go into more technical detail on anything if you wish