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Originally Posted by BSME90 View Post
I have 19in VB3s as my summers. $1000 seems fair. Are they 18 or 19in? What made you switch to a bmw from a 350z?

My mod recommendations: *Arranged by favorites*
1. BMS Powerbox
-Basically a little box that has preset throttle mappings that you hook up to ecu. Gets rid of the dead pedal.
2. Intake -I have a Injen Short Ram-
3. Wheels -I have 19in staggered VB3-
4. Lowering Suspension (Eibach / H&R / KW) -I have KW V3-
5. Exhaust -I did a muffler delete-
6. Tint (50% is legal limit, I suggest Tint Pros to tint your car)

Hope that helps!
Hey! all of these looks awesome! unforntunately, im working on a budget here... so here is what i had in mind that that i can maybe work on whenever this damn snow goes away!
*in order of priorites too* lol

1. STaggered 19" Matte black vmr v710 or avant garde m310 or alufelgen (whichever will cost me cheaper)
2. Lowering suspension- What suspensions should I get if I need to adjust my ride height for winter & summer? do H&Rs do these kind of springs? or KW? but i know KWs are quite expensive. I just wanted to know what my options are.
3. Matte Black Grills
4. Matte black window trim (how am i ever going to pull that off?)
5. Muffler ( I got a magnaflow hand me down from one of the nicest guys here on the forum! I just haven't installed them yet) What does muffler delete mean?
6. Tint- just a little to pull off the white on black contrast look.
Are tint pros pretty affordable? or i might just go to the cheapest as long as theyre tinting job doesnt suck.