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Originally Posted by trisnat1919 View Post
Hey! all of these looks awesome! unforntunately, im working on a budget here... so here is what i had in mind that that i can maybe work on whenever this damn snow goes away!
*in order of priorites too* lol

1. STaggered 19" Matte black vmr v710 or avant garde m310 or alufelgen (whichever will cost me cheaper)
2. Lowering suspension- What suspensions should I get if I need to adjust my ride height for winter & summer? do H&Rs do these kind of springs? or KW? but i know KWs are quite expensive. I just wanted to know what my options are.
3. Matte Black Grills
4. Matte black window trim (how am i ever going to pull that off?)
5. Muffler ( I got a magnaflow hand me down from one of the nicest guys here on the forum! I just haven't installed them yet) What does muffler delete mean?
6. Tint- just a little to pull off the white on black contrast look.
Are tint pros pretty affordable? or i might just go to the cheapest as long as theyre tinting job doesnt suck.

1. All those wheels sound good. VMR are pretty common on bmw.
2. To have different ride heights to accommodate winter and summer conditions, you would get a set of coilovers. Otherwise, if you are on a budget, get a set of springs. KW come in coilovers, all the others I listed are usually springs only. (I'm not 100% sure on that though)
3. I forgot to list kidney grills. I have Mattes on mine, I'm no sure if anyone locally has the glossy ones.
4. I would either having someone vinyl the trim or paint, there are plenty of threads about that.
5. Muffler delete is just deleting the stock muffler and replacing it with a exhaust pipe and tips.
6. Tint Pros is pretty affordable and most likely the best in the area. I would stick to 50% since that is legal limit and troopers are getting a little stricter and enforcing this. Tien is owner and really knows his stuff. I think he has set up shop in Imola, but otherwise he is mobile.