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Oops! Oh well moving on then...........

My car isn't boring I'll have you know lol. If you mean they don't 'flatter' you into thinking you're a good driver then yes, you have a point and yes, a fault I'd say, if you can call it a fault, is that you can lack a sense of how fast you're really going, until you check out the digital speedo, my excuse why 6 of my points were gained in the S5.

Quattro should not be used as a given to be fool hardy though, physics are physics.

Tis a lot of money for a small car, but technology isn't cheap these days. Dry sump lubrication a la Porsche, 4 pot piston calipers and brakes made in conjunction with Brembo (apparently), dual clutch gearbox as standard etc and that's just the RS3. The little 1M is also the same price @ 39,990 OTR but without the above features and in manual box.


I think you know what I's just hasn't that 'feel' you get from BMW's. I know I might sound ultra bias when I say that. Even the RS4 which I drove - tremendous engine and traction - but it was all spoilt by that, almost, 'unwanted' feeling you get when driving a fast Audi. Yet, compared that to my recent escapades in an M3 - I would chose the M3 all day long. HOWEVER....If i was to choose one for my wife to drive with the little'un - it would be the RS4. Of course, I wouldn't say 'no' if someone offered to give me an RS4 for nowt

How's the TTRS treating you?